How to Make Iced Tea With Loose Leaf Tea

May 26, 2008

Pitcher and Glasses of Iced TeaUndoubtedly, many people are intimidated by the thought of making their own iced tea.  The way that it has been marketed makes it really easy to just purchase a can of concentrate that is almost purely liquid sugar, with a small bit of flavored water added.  I say flavored water because it is not even fair to refer to it as tea, since the amount of tea in there is miniscule. Contrary to common believe however, making iced tea is as simple as brewing a hot cup of tea, and just as with loose leaf tea vs. teabag tea, the flavor that you will be rewarded with is well worth the effort.

There are many advantages to making your own iced tea with loose leaf tea.  The first is flavor.  Just as loose leaf tea has more flavor than tea bag tea, iced tea from loose leaf tea has MUCH more flavor than iced tea from a tea bag, or iced tea from concentrate.  Second, you can make iced tea from ANY kind of tea that you would brew hot, from the regular black tea, to green tea, rooibos teas, blended and flavored black and green, white teas, fruit teas, anything that you could imagine.  The variety of flavors that is available to you is endless!  The third advantage is price. It is actually cheaper, per cup, to make your own iced tea.

Brewing the perfect cup of iced tea is as simple as following the directions for brewing a hot cup of tea, except you double the amount of leaves that you use to brew it.  That means, if you are using 1 tsp per cup of tea for your hot green tea, you would use 2 tsp per cup to brew your iced tea.  That is the secret in a nutshell!

Another tip for brewing iced tea is to let the tea cool before you refrigerate or ice it.  If you do not, you may get a cloudy cup of tea.  This does not impact the flavor in any way, but it will affect the look of the tea.

You will truly reap the benefits of iced tea by creating your own.  Brewing the tea is only the first step – you can add ingredients to your iced tea, such as lemonade and sugar to taste, you can spruce it up with a sprig of mint, a slice of orange, or whatever you would like!  For iced tea recipes, a step by step guide to making iced tea, recommended teas to use to make iced tea, and more, visit TeaFrogs all about iced tea page »